PS5 Update – Sony Pulls Out Of PAX East Due To Coronavirus

PS5 Update , PAX East , Coronavirus

That is yet another time when Sony ditches a big stage.

Gamers from all around the globe are wondering where Sony will reveal the PlayStation 5. Instead of publishing a location and date, Sony keeps telling where it won’t. Believe it or not, Sony did it again, announcing that they won’t be attending PAX East.

The reason behind the choice

Sony didn’t cancel its plans to attend the four-day event in Massachusetts because it isn’t a large-scale gathering. Instead, Sony pulled out of PAX East due to “increasing concerns related to COVID-19,” commonly known as Coronavirus.

That is the second time when Sony ditches an important event because of Coronavirus-related concerns.

Their absence from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona disappointed many fans.

Is Sony a bit too dramatic?

The New England area isn’t a known hotspot for coronavirus reports. However, Sony made clear that it’s just erring on a more cautious site, believing that “the health and safety of” their “global workforce is our highest concern.”

It is indeed a bit frustrating to see Sony act so strict and cautious, but we’d rather see a late reveal of the PS5 than none at all.

Infesting a production plant with Coronavirus would prove catastrophic for Sony because of demographic and professional reasons alike.

Rumored unveiling date

A new rumor that Sony will be revealing the new console on Feb. 29 is spreading online, but it has almost zero credibility – That event is on a Saturday night, and would give press little advance notice if it was notified this week.