PS5 Reveal Event – Sony’s Plans And Pricing

It appears that Sony would fancy an increased number of third-party game developers to display their following titles for the upcoming gaming console, instead of relying on PC-based footage that would get “optimized” lately.

However, those who want to know how much the PS5 cost will have to be patient because it’s expected to see Sony reveal an estimative sometime around August.

The Situation

Jeff Grubb has provided capable opinions about the upcoming generation of consoles, and especially the PlayStation 5.

It turns out that Sony wants to “limit the use of the ‘disclaimer: this game is running in a PC environment but will be optimized for PS5.”

The journalist was mentioning the PS5 reveal event, which is expected to happen in less than a month. He believes that Sony will focus on displaying as many third-party developers as possible to showcase actual game footage instead of using the “traditional” PC-based method that has been used for years.

Sony has certainly made a smart move by doing that, but most likely also assumed a lot of risks, since it might just set a new norm that will be difficult to meet in some cases.

One representative example of the previously mentioned idea is the recent reveal of the Unreal Engine 5 demo, which ran on an actual PS5 devkit.

Pricing is a serious subject. Sony and Microsoft are at a hypothetical war yet again, and each is in for the big prize – sales!

However, whichever company first makes public the pricing of its system is taking a considerable risk because it gives the different companies the chance of undercutting it and stealing sales.

Here’s what Jeff Grubb tweeted on the subject: