PS5 Release Date – Sony Confirmed It’s Not October!

Some news about a job listing that suggested a launch of the PS5 in October were recently posted online by various sources, and Sony was quick to follow with a clarification. The PS5 won’t be launched in October, as the month was included in error.

The official release window is yet to be known. It is expected that the company will be back with extra details on the subject anytime soon.

The Job Listing

The controversial job listing was about a position at Sony Interactive Entertainment, and it was published on a Japanese recruitment site.

A phrase in the ad spoke of a PS5 launch in October, which was the first time somebody mentioned a specific release month for the upcoming gaming console from Sony.

Famitsu, a Japanese publication, contacted Sony with questions on the subject. The company clarified that it was all a misunderstanding due to an error that made its way into the recruitment ad.

Sony provided information about the PS5 hesitantly, unlike Microsoft, who went all-out on publishing specifications and design of their next-generation console.

Sony revealed vital information in progressive stages: They showed the DualSense 6 a few weeks ago, then the PlayStation Studios brand was presented.


Microsoft is the main rival of Sony since Nintendo’s efforts are oriented towards different trends.

The Series X has been continuously hyped by Microsoft for months now. First, they revealed its design, specifications, and then a series of monthly streams followed.

The company showcased third-party games scheduled to launch on the new system during some of those streams.

It seems like the console wars are starting to heat up again, as the gaming community is getting increasingly divided based on preference, and it’s true that both the Sony and Microsoft camp have convincing arguments. May the best console win!