PS5 Pre-Order Invitations Are Out! How To Get One?

Rumor has it that the amount of initial PS5 manufactured units has significantly increased, it appears that supply won’t meet the anticipated level of demand.

However, Sony appears to kick things off sooner with its batch of pre-order invitations sent to specific PlayStation Online IDs.

How Are ID’s Picked?

Sony is picking who gets an invite based on “previous interests and PlayStation activities.”

Though the description is a bit ambiguous, it paints an obvious picture that the company is carefully picking active members who would likely spread more enthusiasm than somebody that rarely plays games on a console.

Anyone who received the email invite will receive a list of steps they need to take to confirm the genuine interest in placing a PS5 pre-order.

After the steps have been taken, the company would vet submissions and offer the ability to confirm a position at the front of the line.

Then, those who got that far will be able to order a PS5, two DualSense wireless controllers, two DualSense charging stations, two Pulse 3D wireless headsets, two media remotes, and two HD cameras!

How To Get An Invite

If you aren’t among those who received an invite, Sony has got your back!

They have just created a PS5 pre-order sign-up page –

There you can submit your PS Online ID to get selected hopefully.

However, if you still don’t get selected, keep your eyes peeled and sign up for PS5 pre-order campaigns at partner retailers.

It appears that Sony is trying their best to milk as much of the release as possible.

The company teased us with small pieces of information for months, and we expect the trend to go on in their quest to hyping up the release.