PS5 and Xbox One Series – Thee Latest Hardware Upgrade Will Win Over the PC “Crowd”

With 2020 being just around the corner, gamers have a really good reason to get excited for the new year. Microsoft and Sony are currently adding the finishing touches to their next-gen consoles and these devices are going to change the gaming industry. We know for sure that Sony will launch PS5 in 2020 because the developer version of the console was leaked but not just that, Sony also confirmed a major upgrade that will bring many PC fans over to consoles. Microsoft’s Xbox One Series will also feature the same upgrade.

Upgrading to SSD

The major upgrade that we previously mentioned is using SSD memory. The addition of SSD is going to do much more than speed up the software performance of PS5 and Xbox One Series, the memory will also speed up the in-game loading speed when players are moving to a new zone or map. Sony revealed this feature with gameplay footage from the latest Spider-Man game and the boost in speed was amazing.

Challenging Competition

The interesting thing is that both PS5 and Xbox One Series will ship with SSD. This is leading us to believe that the competition between the two next-gen console is going to be on an equal plain field and just like it is the case with Xbox One and PS4, the only difference between the consoles is the exclusive games that they offer.

Winning Over the PC “Crowd”

Nonetheless, what we can take from this is that both Sony and Microsoft are doing their best to win over the PC “crowd”. The introduction of SSD will give PC fans the same gaming experience as they would receive on a powerful PC. We also want to mention that the reason why SSD is being implemented in next-gen consoles is that the price of SSD memory has dropped significantly in 2019.