Programming Languages Helping to Advance Technology

Learning programming

It’s no secret that technology is advancing at a very fast pace. The planet has already been changed by tech in ways we could have never imagined. Humanity will be affected by it, but we don’t know how much we will change in response to technology. Much of this progress is due to code programming and the variety of new languages and techniques that have been created to further technology. Below are some of these new programming languages that are being used to keep technology advancing.

Swift Programming

Developed by Apple, Swift programming is a coding language that the company created to work with their technology. When you learn how to use Swift, you’ll have the ability to organize data with the common standard library collection types and handle errors with the throw-catch pattern while defining custom enumerations, structures, and classes. Furthermore, you’ll understand object initialization and management of memory. Finally when you learn Swift, you’ll be able to deal with the absence of values and write flexible code.


Elixir is a common programming language that is easy to write. It has the functional programming concepts of other languages and works for distributed systems with low-latency. Prioritizing scalability and fault tolerance, its processes can run simultaneously. This makes it easier to scale both vertically and horizontally. When something goes wrong, Elixir will also show you the last known state that will work.


The language Elm is functional for building web applications. While it solves problems that involve many domain-specific rules, the developer can utilize Elm to model the rules in the program through their fast and expressive type system. This system is constrained so invalid data cannot be expressed, meaning that programmers will spend less time on the potential edge causes. It also helps identify problems.

Python 3

Python 3 is very intuitive. Its code has better type safety and the differences between binary code, plain text, and Unicode are easier to determine. There are new commands that Python 2 didn’t have and can launch parallel tasks. However, even if you are fluent in Python 2, you’ll need to learn how to use their latest version.


Kotlin is a faster and sleeker version of Java that runs in the Virtual Machine. It is now the preferred language for developing Android. It comes with less boilerplate code and null pointer exceptions. It is also compatible with Java. Used for applications that run on Android and iOS and programs that don’t use additional runtime, virtual machines, and server-side applications, Kotlin is effective.

Machine Learning and AI Languages

Beyond manual code, programming for machine learning and AI languages are the ones that will really change our world. This is because they are written for the machine to write the code with specifically-designed algorithms. Essentially this means that the programmers are creating algorithms that enable machines to learn from themselves. This is the way that technology will advance more effectively. As it turns out, machines are better and faster at programming than humans are, which makes machine learning so exciting. Where there are limitations for humanity, the languages created to get this done will provide advances that are untold.

The Future of Technology

With new programming languages and ways to create algorithms that will help technology teach itself, we don’t know where the future will lead. Tech is advancing very quickly, giving us the ability to change our lives in many ways. While humanity will become more productive and efficient, we don’t know how this kind of technology will negatively affect us. It will change our world forever.

The world is evolving. Humanity is changing in ways we never have before. Programming languages that provide the ability to write algorithms, computers can use to teach themselves with machine learning. This is just the beginning. Advanced tech will augment everything about our lives and give us the ability to change the future in new ways. As programming advances, technology will progress in general and work towards making our lives easier and more effective. The pace that tech will go at depends on how this programming will change and advance it to new levels in the future.