PlayStation Exclusives Coming to PC

Nearly a year ago, gamers all over the world got extremely excited by the appearance of the PlayStation exclusive adventure game Heavy Rain to PC. The game will become available on the Epic Games platform. Heavy Rain is not the only classic PlayStation exclusive to appear on PC. Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human have appeared, but on Steam, not on Epic Games. Is it just a coincidence, or are these two-game platforms trying to outdo each other? We think it’s the latter. Nevertheless, if this competition results in fans having more games to choose from, it’s the ordinary gamers that reap the rewards.

For now, all of the three abovementioned games are listed on the games platform as “coming soon,” but if past experiences have taught us anything, it’s that exclusives on the Epic Games platform generally last for one year. This probably means that Heavy Rain will become available for purchase around June 24, while Beyond: Two Souls is likely to appear somewhere around the end of July 2020. On the other hand, Detroit: Become Human will probably not be around for a much longer time, as the game launched as an Epic Games exclusive on December 12. These games will even support Steam achievements, which is quite nice.  For now, they are in the “up next” category, so on Steam, it is said that the platform is still learning about them.

As Andy declared regarding the arrival of Heavy Rain on the Epic Games Store platform back in 2019, Quantic Dream adventures are full of bugs and flawed, but still provide rather unique experiences.  For example, Heavy Rain has a dark, intriguing atmosphere and was rated 69/100, but the script is quite rough around the edges. The same criticism came up regarding Detroit: Become Human.