PlayStation 5 Unexpected Feature Will Be a Turning Point in Gaming

There are still a lot of things we do not know about the upcoming next-generation consoles, both Sony and Microsoft are going to release the following year – PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett (Two). However, we do know that a solid-state drive will be one of the additions the unique consoles will feature.

An SSD, as some call it, is a type of storage that enables devices to recover faster and function at faster speeds, which makes it perfect for gaming. However, the drive has only been available on PC until now.

PlayStation 5 Will Be a Turning Point in Gaming

Well, computers will not be the only piece of technology that will allow for a solid-state drive, because the next-generation consoles are going to incorporate it as well. The drive is called a ”solid-state” engine because it has no moving elements, which makes it smaller, more stable, and faster. The thing worth noting is the fact that PlayStation 5 will come with one of its own, and there are numerous reasons to be excited about this incredible addition

Evan Wells, the President of Naughty Dog, publisher of popular games such as The Last of Us, or Uncharted, said that the SDD would allow game developers to offer players the content in a manner that brings no conflict to the gamers.

Wells mentioned this in an interview with The Verge, something that connects to what rumors said about the loading times in games being drastically reduced by this amazing new addition to the PlayStation 5. Even though the hardware has been developed and put to use a while ago, it will be incredibly exciting to see how it functions when incorporated into a console instead of a computer.

Exciting Upgrades

There will be numerous enhancements in the next-generation consoles, but graphics are already incredibly amazing, so it would be great if more people saw the performance area instead.

The interview The Verge had with Wells was interesting for a couple of other reasons as well. The gaming studio’s President explained the direction the company has taken, from Crash Bandicoot to the forthcoming The Last of Us Part II, and how stuff has changed. The team of developers has rapidly grown, and their old way of making games has changed as well.

Wells said, regarding the more grave tone of their last few games: ​”What we’re capable of in those types of games is rewarding in its own way. So while I sort of miss the smaller-scale, fast development, quick turnaround where your entire team is in one room and communication is shouting over your shoulder, the results that we can achieve now on these bigger games, and the lasting impact that it has on the player is so worth it.”

It is a great thing that the game developers are excited about the innovative PlayStation 5 console as well. However, we hope that all those impressive technologies and upgrades do not come at a too high cost, as the label for consoles is not as affordable as it is. Moreover, if enhancements like ray tracing become the normal thing to get in a game, then we can only expect the price to be higher.