PlayStation 5: How Much Will It Cost?

Tens and maybe hundreds of rumors have surfaced the Internet and fans are getting excited about an official price release range for the long-awaited PlayStation 5. Up until now, nothing is known for sure, due to the ongoing pandemic that has caused Sony to postpone its launching event for several times. What we know for sure now is represented by a couple of titles that will arrive to the next-gen console and its design.

Multiple questions are still there, and amongst them, the most popular one is “how much will PlayStation 5 cost?” fortunately, there is not much time left to wait. According to recent leaks, the final release date of PS5 will be announced by the end of this month. The good news is that, at that particular moment the pre-orders will be available and we will know for sure the price of the console.

Roberto Serrano has been the one to reveal the release date of PlayStation 5, and according to him, it will be on the 13th of July. The leak was posted as a comment to Jeff Grubb’s post on VentureBeat Twitter account. When asked about any other details on the price range, Serrano declared that there is no plan made for an event.

Other leaks suggest that Sony is planning on launching a series of release events, with the next one being in August. These events focus on promoting more games that will be heading to the system. If this is true, the company should reveal its pricing strategy, so that fans could get a chance of planning their budget.

Consequently, it remains to be seen how much will one pay for a console and the difference in price between the disc drive PS5 and its digital version. According to rumors, the price ranges between $450 and $550.