Plans for Testing the 11 Million Residents of Wuhan

In the Chinese city where the COVID-19 pandemic initially started, Wuhan, the authorities are considering a big plan to test all of its 11 million citizens. This is supposed to happen in the following days. The program will be monitored with much attention by the governments from all around the globe.

The testing drive requires the mobilization of thousands of workers and a high amount of medical personnel. It shows the solution implemented by the Communist Party to prevent another wave of COVID-19 cases. The effort is thus made to attempt restarting the economy of China. This plan was made after Wuhan had six confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus. The confirmed cases came after an entire month without any new infections.

By testing every single resident, the city of Wuhan plans to go above and beyond all similar plans. This is also supposed to occur at an unprecedented speed.

Several countries, among which are Germany and South Korea, have begun to trace infections and test aggressively, but not nearly at the levels Wuhan is going to carry out. In the United States, tests are made at a far too low rate. Experts say that three to five million tests every week should normally be performed for the country to open safely, but this is nowhere near the case in the country.

Testing, to such an extent, brings up quite a lot of issues. For now, we are not sure how the city of Wuhan will find all the necessary tests to process all the results from Wuhan’s residents. It is also unclear whether mass testing is the most efficient use of Wuhan’s resources.

So far, all we know about the plan is that Wuhan is going to test all of its 11 million residents. This is going to take less than two weeks. According to the Chinese government, the testing will be a “10-day battle”.

This paper has been published in The New York Times.