Pixelmon is the Best Minecraft mod for Pokémon lovers

Minecraft is the most popular game in the word, and a large amount of its fame comes from the ability to mod it according to your wishes.

There is a wealth of mods for Minecraft, ranging from shaders and pre-made maps to some which add new mechanics and content to the game. Those who love Pokémon and wish to see how it would feel in an open-world setting can try the experience with the help of Pixelmon.

It is placed to note from the start that Pixelmon doesn’t come with all the depth or substance of a mainline game. However, it is the best alternative you can try until a real open-world version is offered. The models may be a bit shoddy, but the world is filled with Pokémon which can be captured.

As expected, specific Pokémon can be found in select biomes. Bug and grass-types can be found in forests while water types populate the ocean. Fire-types love the scorching heat of the desert. The world is generated randomly and Pokémon centers, ships, and gyms that can be visited. Since everything is placed randomly, there is always the chance that you venture into an area with high-level Pokémon which can obliterate your low-level team with ease.

One of the best advantages of Pixelmon stems from the fact that you can play with friends. The best way to meet is to set your bed in a city which was visited by everyone. In the spirit of the original game, some of the Pokémon are can carry you on their backs, making exploration more enjoyable as you fly from one place to another.

Finding favorite Pokémon is a treat, especially after you spent a long time to track them down.  The joy of traveling across the land and discovering new points of interest is also great, even more so when your friends are with you.