Pink Supermoon Will Be Visible For Three Days

Scientists have announced that on the 8th of April, the night sky will be lit by a unique phenomenon: the Pink Supermoon. The April full moon is known in the history to have taken different names such as the Grass Moon, the Pink Moon, the Egg Moon, or even the Paschal Moon.

This year’s Moon will be visible from the UK only one month later since the United Kingdom citizens have experienced a Full Worm Moon on the 9th of March.

Even though the name might suggest that when this event occurs, the Moon will have a pink color, the fact is that the name was chosen according to Native American timekeeping traditions. It is thought that the name of the moon phases was given by tribes living in the Eastern part of America according to the annual seasonal changes in the sky’s appearance.

Pink Supermoon Will Be Visible For Three Days

The Pink Moon was thought to be the one that announces the blooming of one of the first spring flowers, a wild ground moss-colored in pink.

Although most of the names of Moon’s phases were chosen by the Native American tribes, many cultures have their definitions for these events, closely linked to their culture and traditions. Many of the tribes are assigning 12 maximum 13 different names for Full Moons throughout one year.

In addition to this, astronomers have announced that this time we should expect a Supermoon, which will appear to be closer to the Earth than it is typically. The full Moon will be seen in Great Britain on the 8th of April when the lunar orbits are positioned precisely across from the Sun.

The timeslot for this occurrence is scheduled to be around 4.35 am BST. Furthermore, the good news has not finished yet. The Moon is going to be visible for three days in a row during this period.