Physicists Say that Time Is an Illusion, and It’s Not Real

The concept of time is created by humans who need to know and differentiate between the present and the past, even the future. Our memories also generate the fact that time is an illusion, instead, what it is real, is the fact that everything is happening now, at this moment. The mystery of time is not new on our list of enigmas about the Universe. Now, a group of physicists is aiming to resolve this puzzle and reveal what is really happening.

The Concept of Time

We created this Universe on the theory that we have a concept of time. We have laws in physics that are saying that the time could move in the forward direction, but at the same time, the time could also run in the backward direction. These physics laws do not state in which direction the time should move, and for that, some people do not even consider the concept of time.

However, it will always be people who sustain different theories. For example, one of the arguments is that at one moment, the Universe will stop expanding, and the time will run backward. The theory explains that if time runs back, even the Universe will start to contract. But the question still remains, why do we have the concept of time moving forward?

Why Is the Time Moving Forward?

Many scientists are saying that this concept of time moving forward is just the result of a human construct. At the same time, we have the eternal battle between the idea that time and space are connected, so we have space-time. If we go back to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, we know that space and time are the fourth-dimensional structure. This means that everything that is happening right now has a coordinate in the space-time.

In the final analysis, we feel that we have a past that happened, a future that does not exist, and the present we are now. But practically, we are aware of our present state of mind, so the past is created only based on our memories. So the perception of the past is an illusion created by our brains, and the evidence is only your memory.