Persona 5’s New Ren Amamiya Figure Is Ready for Pre-Order

Who is the most popular hero among the Persona 5 protagonists? There is no doubt that the top place is taken by no other than Ren Amamiya, and we have got news for his fans. Ren, AKA The Phantom, is getting another figure!

Persona 5’s hero figure is manufactured by Soul Wing and is now available for pre-order. The handsome ‘Joker’ can be bought for 12,400 yen, which is about $144. You can find the figure on the Ami Ami website, so have a look!

You won’t even have to wait that long as the figure will come out in like six months, probably in August 2020. Maybe it doesn’t sound so great to wait half a year to get the handsome Ren, but time flies very fast, and before you know it, you’ll have the figure in your hands.

The new Ren Amamiya figure’s details

Ren’s Amamiya figure is created and nicely sculpted by Soulwing while Aou does the painted art very carefully. The figure’s scale is 1/7, for about 240 mm in height. Our favorite Persona 5’s hero figure is portrayed at school.

He is wearing his well-known uniform and sits on his desk casually, holding his nerdy goggles with his right hand, his right foot sitting lazily on the chair’s support. To put it in more straightforward words, the figure is a beautiful piece of art and definitely worth its money. We bet that the fans cannot wait to have this figure for collection!

As for the Persona 5 game, players from the West will be able to play the updated version of PS4 Persona 5 Royal launching on March 31 this year. The upgraded version of Persona 5 is a re-release but awaited nonetheless. We cannot wait for the updated version of the Persona 5 game as well as for Ren’s figure too!