Overwatch Echo – Release Date And Details

Overwatch PC gamers are fiddling around with Echo, the newly introduced Overwatch character, much in spite of console gamers who are aching to learn when the new hero will also be added on consoles.

The Good News

Blizzard has finally confirmed that Echo will also be introduced on consoles starting from April 14.

However, there was no time announced, but it is believed that a big patch will bring the new character. Usually, patches are introduced at 7 pm, BST.

Blizzard previously hinted at the launch date, but the sad part is that Echo is the last character that is introduced to the game before Overwatch 2 is launched.

The only way you can play as Echo for the moment is on the Overwatch PTR, which is only available for the PC. The latest build is over a week old, which might mean that it’s safe to assume that it’s decently stable.

Coronavirus Barriers

Jeff Kaplan, game director, revealed the harsh conditions that slowed them down from releasing Echo during the Coronavirus outbreak.

He stated the following after being asked about the status of Echo a few weeks ago:

“A lot of that depends on the direction that the world, in general, goes right now. We’re keeping an eye on that, and how functional we can remain as a team.”

He was surprised by how quickly the development team had to leave the office and also said that many people still aren’t able to work from home. The reason behind that is that some people only have one computer at home, which often tends to be used by their significant other.

“So we’re trying to figure out all of those logistics right now, and keep the live game running, and make Overwatch 2 at the same time,” he added.