Optus Is Coming with Great News – 5G Home Wirelesses Will Be Commonly Available

The company Optus is the one that will allow more than 138.000 homes with 5G footprints to order and possess a fix wireless service. This service is available from now on online and in-store. Optus has more than 200 customers that are connected to their service, and many more are interested.

Optus 5G Home

The company has started this service at the beginning of the year, and their offer was for AU $70 per month with unlimited data at the speed of 50Mbps. The company’s CEO, Allen Lew, is saying that their service is delivering around 50GB peak speeds. Also, the company is following the reality of Australia very close. Everybody wants faster broadband, including at home. So, what they have done is to offer this service to their customers.

Besides this, you can effortlessly have the service. The setting up is simple, more like a plug and play, no need to wait a day long for someone to come and install it. You can put it inside your house at any time. The CEO is also saying that in time, all the technology will change. It’s essential to improve the infrastructure if you want to grow the capacity.

Also, starting with 2021, the Optus will switch definitely to a standalone 5G and have around 1.200 sites by the next year in the spring. The good news is not over, because the company is announcing that besides the 5G, the streaming will come in 4K from June 2020. This will be seen on the streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Stan, and others when the content will be optimized.

Finally, Optus is creating the 5G home fixed wireless with the help of Ericsson and Nokia.