One Punch Man Season 3 Details On The Plot, Release Date, and More

We’ve seen the end of season 2, and now we are eagerly waiting for season 3 of One Punch Man. Right now, it might be a good time for it to be released.

About the storyline on One Punch Man

The story is all about the lovely Saitama, the hero character, which fights superheroes for respect and acknowledgment. However, he does not really pay attention to his activities, which means that he is able to win to lesser extent notoriety, even if he is more dominant than the most incredible legends from the Hero Association.

In season 1 and season 2, we meet Saitama as a man. He is a kind of superhuman, but he’s different than a legend. He likes playing computer games, and he is a sensei to one of the best titles in the city.

A bad man has the habit of crossing Saitama. He is losing a lot of energy to find the hero before he destroys them with a single punch. The anime is really a mocking of the superhuman classification.

So when is the release date of the third season?

Fans are wondering if we’re getting another season. According to some reports, we will get the third season in the fall of 2020, but we are taking it with a pinch of salt.

What should we expect from the third season?

For season 2, One Punch Man exchanged studios, and we can see the differences. The character of Saitama is more fleshed-out, and there isn’t much plot development. Season 2 showed Garou, and they presented many backstories with different supporting characters which we’ve seen grow up.

In season 3, we are expecting Genos to make its appearance, especially after seeing the cyborg’s sad conditions in the second season. And the Hero Association will probably go against the Beast Association.