One Piece Chapter 971 Rumors – Is Oden Still Alive?

Everywhere we go, we see One Piece Chapter 971 spoilers out there. The Japanese manga raw scans are on the internet. We learn more about Oden’s execution, what will happen with Nine Red Scabbards, and about Orochi and Kaido’s betrayal. We can all agree that Oden is the badass in this story. we are here to tell you everything we learned about One Piece, Chapter 971.

What we’ve learned from leaks

The scans show Oden that agrees to get boiled alive in a pot, in hot oil, on one condition. If he can endure it for an hour, Kadio will let the Nine Red Scabbard go free. Orochi makes the Scabbards to stand over the cover of the pot, but Oden manages to carry them. While. Being. Burned. Alive. Isn’t that badass? Let us explain why Oden deserves to be alive.

The chapter also shows why Oden was dancing naked in the streets of Wano. Every time he does that, 100 lives will be spared, so he kept doing that for five years. However, we did not find everything we wanted to. We still do not know who the traitor is, so we are looking forward to seeing the next chapter to find out more. The flashback will continue. Fans think Oden is still alive. We think Oden is still alive.

When is the release date for the English version?

The manga is in stores starting with the 16th of February, 2020. But the scans are everywhere, and it is pretty hard not to get a spoiler. We are giving you a piece of advice: wait for the One Piece chapter 971 English version. You will be able to read it for free on VIZ media and Shueisha’s Shonen Jump Mangaplus sites.