Nvidia Reflex Will Improve Your Gaming Performance

One of the major announcements made by Nvidia during a recent presentation has been quite impressive as the popular company has decided to tackle the issue of input lag on PCs with the help of a new range of solutions known as Nvidia Reflex.

The Reflex Latency Analyzer will be able to measure lag on a PC system in an accurate manner without the need to use advanced equipment. It will also be accompanied by support for a Reflex  Low-Latency Mode that can improve the performance of gamer in select titles.

Smarter monitors

According to Nvidia, the new technology will be present among select upcoming monitors, with popular manufacturers like Alien, Asus, Acer, and MSI announcing that it will be integrated into 360Hz monitors, which are designed with competitive gaming in mind.

While the price tags of the new 360Hz monitors will not be cheap, the benefits for competitive gamers will be quite palpable as a latency reduction of 50% can make a major difference in competitive shooter games like Valorant, Apex Legends, and Fortnite, and it is already clear that the e-sports scene will be interested in the new hardware.

Combating input lag

Input lag is a term that is encountered quite often in the gaming scene, and it involves the delay between the moment when a button is pushed and the moment when the desired action will take place and is visible on the monitor.

It can be quite difficult to trace the exact source of input lag since there are many factors, including the hardware present inside a computer or laptop, the display of monitor, the use of certain peripherals, and the quality of the internet connection. Nvidia Reflex could allow gamers to trace the source of the input lag and address the issue more easily.

The new technology gives Nvidia a great edge against rival company  AMD.