Next in Line for the United States Space Command Declares that the U.S. Is Ready to Be Aggressive in Space

The United States has made a decision regarding the work that it has to perform in collaboration with other countries all over the globe in order to establish some significant norms of behavior that will be happening in space. In a Senate Armed Services Committee confirmation hearing that took place on 28 July, Army Lieutenant General James Dickinson, who is, for now, the next commander of the U.S. Space Command, has made an important declaration.

Changes in the Chain of Command

Dickinson is, at the moment, the deputy commander of the aforementioned U.S. Space Command. Dickinson has been nominated by President Trump for a promotion to the rank of general and he is next in line to replace General John, nicknamed “Jay” Raymond as the leader of the combatant command that is going to deal mostly with space operations and that has been established only recently.

Eyes from Above

A member of the committee, namely the ranking member Senator Jack Reed, has asked Dickinson some key questions, in respond to witch Dickinson has responded by paying close attention to the actions of the rival Russian Federation and he has also promised to keep an eye on other countries that, at the moment, are trying to prove, in space, that their status is at least as important as that of the United States. According to Dickinson, the United States is now as ready as any other country in the world and especially in the space race to fight for their right of space exploration.

The Best and the Brightest

According to Dickinson, the United States is one that has to make sure to hold all of their competitors accountable for whatever actions they decide to perform in space. Dickinson has added that the government of the United States is constantly trying to look for competent professionals that improve the special capabilities of the United States constantly by measuring those of their rivals.