New Update Online in Rainbow Six Siege

Two brand new Operators just arrived to Rainbow Six Siege. They are Melusi, a defender the slows enemies, respectively Ace, which is a wall-busting attacker. In the latest update of the game, Operation Steel Wave, which was just released, the House map is entirely reworked. One of these new Operators uses a water gadget in order to puncture some holes in the walls, while the other has machines which can actually shout at your enemies. Does that sound intriguing? Then go play Rainbow: Six Siege.

Coming from Norway, Ace is modeled after a fireman. He has a water powered gadget called S.E.L.M.A., which can actually punch holes in various surfaces. If you throw it at the floor, it will knock out a panel, but on walls it will knock out three entire panels. Melusi, an operator coming from South Africa, is able to use the Banshee Sonic Defense gadgets, which can be power-activated to create an awful throbbing noise that slows down enemies and lets you know whenever they are around. The Banshee is definitely not invulnerable, but it is bulletproof, so it will be quite hard to destroy.

As Siege fans are already used to, the owners of the game will get Melusi and Ace right away, but the rest of us will have to wait until June 23. Then, the two operators will become available either with Renown, or with R6 credits. The Proximity Alarm, which is a new secondary gadget, also arrives today. It does pretty much what the name suggests. It alarms you whenever someone is in your proximity. How was there not something like this in the game yet?

The update going live today also reworks House, one of the original maps of House. The house itself just got new rooms, a new bomb site, and some areas have been remodeled.