New GTA Online Bug Ruins Lucky Wheel Casino Rewards

Many GTA Online players have experienced an issue with the daily lucky spin wheel, which has begun rewarding players unproperly.

The Diamond Casino and Resort is one of the main attractions of GTA online since it launched back in July 2019. It is an excellent place for players to grab the cash and have fun with other people.

Loyal GTA Online players get a daily free spin on the lucky wheel of the Casino. The prize can consist of one of many things – from expensive clothing to premium vehicles. Therefore, it’s worth logging in daily just for that free spin. However, a new issue appears to compromise the lucky wheel system.

The Problem

Reddit user The_Salted_Slug revealed that many players don’t receive anything they are meant to.

The Redditor captured a clip of the problem and posted it online.

The video showed a peculiar sighting. The player managed to land on the podium car spot (which is extremely rare, to begin with), but instead of receiving his keys to the car, he only got 10,000 casino chips. Isn’t that disappointing?

Not only is that annoying, but also worrying – The “reward” was completely random. There was no spot on the wheel that granted 10,000 chips.


Before you start making any assumption, keep in mind that the player got the arrow of the wheel to slap in the middle of the podium car slot clearly, so there’s no room for debate here.

Unfortunately, that is not the first case such a thing happens. Similar problems were a common sighting soon after the update’s launch. However, Rockstar managed to patch up the bugs, but not wholly, as it was prooved.

Imagine the disappointment of the player when he managed to get lucky only to be turned down by a bug.