New Facebook Messenger Rooms Takes Zoom By Storm

facebook messenger rooms

The novel coronavirus pandemic has forced people to go on lockdown. However, those who have the possibility need to work from home. To make working from home less stressful, we need to stay connected with our coworkers. This is where online conferencing comes to aid, and apps such as Zoom, for example, are great for group meetings. The new competitor for Zoom is Facebook Messenger Rooms.

Zoom Presents Some Privacy Issues, At The Moment

But business meetings are supposed to be confidential, and these types of apps don’t have a high-security level. Lately, Zoom raised security concerns, which allowed other apps to overpower it. WhatsApp has updated the number of users that can join a video call from four to eight. Facebook has its own app that can do the same thing as Zoom.

Facebook Messenger is not such a new platform, but it offers a video calling service. However, it does have a limited number of people that can join the call. Therefore, being such a giant, the company released a new app called the Facebook Messenger Rooms.

About Facebook Messenger Rooms

The new app from Facebook allows a maximum of 50 people to join one video call at the same time. Messenger Rooms are perfect for companies to hold meetings and all sorts of conferences. And the great thing about the app is that you don’t need a Facebook account in order to use it. That means that the meeting can be accessed via a shared link by the party host or other users that already joined the call. The app is also free of charge, which is yet another plus.

Facebook Messenger Rooms allow you to play around with the AR effects. The app will automatically add any Facebook group room to the Messanger Room. The app sports lots of other features, such as background effects as well as mood lighting features. At first, the app will be available only in certain regions; however, it will start expanding very soon.