New Content Announced for Destiny 2

A busy livestream has brought a lot of news about the well-known video game Destiny 2. Bungie has just announced the next expansion, which is called Beyond Light and is currently scheduled for launch in September 2020. Today is also the long-awaited start of the next season in Destiny 2. Together with this update, a new dungeon will be added to the game. Bungie has also said that there are plans to launch two more expansions, in 2021, and in 2022, respectively. In order to keep the game manageable, the developers start cycling out older content into a so-called “Destiny Content Vault”. The Vault will also be used to bring back some older parts from the first installment of the Destiny series. For now, one raid and one area have already been confirmed to be part of the Vault.

Let us now get to the subject of Beyond Light. The big autumn expansion of 2020 will be launched on September 22. This will introduce a new area of Europa, which is an icy satellite of Jupiter. On that celestial body, we will be able to find an ancient facility of the dreaded Clovis Bray, where the corrupt megacorporation created the Exos, which is Destiny 2’s race of the robopeople. The connections with Clovis Bray and the presence of Darkness and Exos calls for a group of superheroes. These include The Drifter, Eris Morn, and the mysterious “Exo Stranger”, which has not made an appearance since the first game.

The story of the new expansion revolves around Eramis, who has brought together the many houses of the Fallen under the Kell of Darkness. After being abandoned by the Traveler and left by the Light, Eramis has started her own journey deep into the Darkness. This will lead her towards a collision with the Guardians. This concise description by Bungie keeps us on the edge of our seat.