New Apple Fillings Features Harsh Criticism For Epic Games

Epic Games has tried its best to bring Fortnite back to the App Store after the popular game was pulled a few weeks ago, but it seems that Apple is quite determined to prevent this at least for a while.

In a new filing, Apple argues that the damage which Epic Games claimed that it endures is merely Epic’s fault, and the price for breaking the rules willfully without taking into account the full consequences that could surface. Fortnite was banned from the App Store after an update added an alternate in-app purchases system, which allowed Epic to dodge the 30% cut required by Apple.

Harsh criticism

Apple has compared Epic’s actions to starting a fire and then pouring gasoline on it while asking a court to extinguish the flames.  It is argued that all that Epic had to do was to respect the same rules that are available for millions of developers who offer their apps and games on the App Store.

Epic has tried to obtain a ruling that would force Apple to restore Fortnite to the App Store, as the removal blocks a significant part of the player base from accessing the game.

Status quo

Since the start of the ongoing conflict, Apple has been more than willing to underline the fact that Fortnite can come back to the Apple Store if Epic Games is willing to play by the rules imposed by the Cupertino giant before the breach of contract took place.

Epic’s claims of suffering severe damage were also shot down by the Cupertino giant, who mentions that Epic worked on a pre-planned media campaign and that only 10% of Fortnite players enjoy the game on Apple’s devices. As such, it is argued that Epic is looking after attention and goodwill that will boost its reputation, which means that there is no harm in the long run.

It is likely that Epic will offer a response soon.