Nether Update Releases on June 23

Minecraft has recently started changing the underworld of the game. In the past few months, Mojang have been throwing out new information about the changes that are coming to The Nether for quite a while. Players will not get to see all of these changes by themselves on June 23. Before the month even ends, the Nether Update for Minecraft will be launched for both Java editions and Windows 10 editions of the game.

Personally, I played the game and saw some of the new areas a bit earlier this year when the initial Nether Update snapshot was pushed by the game’s Java edition. For now, I just flew around the new areas in the Nether update and checked out some of the biomes that were added in the game.

So far, The Nether has only had one massive biome full of soul sand, lava, and fortresses. This update is going to add the scary blue tint of the Soulsand Valley, Warped Forest, and the red Crimson Forest, even the greyish Basalt Deltas. Every single biome has different spawn rates for the creatures for Minecraft’s Nether creatures, such as the new villains that will be included in the game with this new update.

Of course, most of the added NPCs in the Nether will be after you. For example, the Hoglins are some hostile mobs that you can even capture and breed for food. That is, if they do not kill you before you kill them. Piglins are humanoid mobs, but they are certainly not friendly. In fact, they will attack you on sight with their crossbows and their swords. It seems that Piglins are into gold so much that if you wear gold armor in the presence of Piglins, they will be passive to you and will trade with you for some gold ingots.