Netflix’s Castlevania Season 3 — Release Date, Cast, and Plot

Netflix’s Castlevania has been announced to come back for another season. The animated series is inspired by the video game Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, and it depicts Trevor Belmont on his adventure to save the nation Wallachia from Count Dracula and his servants.

Initially, Netflix has wanted the series to be made as a movie, but it later decided to release it as a TV show.

Season 1 launched in July 2017, and the public responded rather great to it. Season 2 was released after a year in September 2018 with a double number of sequels. The second season depicted more of the horror fantasy world and explored the way Belmont and his allies battled new challenges, like a new villain named Carmilla.

Netflix’s Castlevania Season 3 — Release Date, Cast, and Plot

Release Date

The voice of Trevor Belmont, Richard Armitage, revealed the fact that the publishers confirmed season 3. He claimed that the cast was due to start recording the third season soon, back in June, in an interview. Netflix has then officially announced the new season.

According to ​Netflix Nordic, the new season was scheduled to launch on December 1st, 2019, but the claim was rapidly denied by the show’s director Samuel Deats. Therefore, Castlevania Season 3 has no official release date as of yet.


Richard Armitage will definitely voice Trevor Belmont in Season 3 as well. Also, his Hobbits co-star Graham McTavish who interprets Dracula Vlad Tepes, his enemy, will also return.

The second season​ depicts Dracula’s son Alucard allying with Trevor; James Callis voiced Alucard, and he is also expected to return in Season 3. Another focus of the second season was Syphia Belandes, interpreted by Alejandra Reynoso, and she is probably coming back as well.


Netflix’s Castlevania Season 3 will come with new monsters, more vampire clans, and clarify Alucaard’s state. There are also numerous reports stating that a fan-favorite character from the game might appear in the new season.