Netflix Reactivated Canceled Subscriptions Without Users’ Consent

Netflix is having a hard time because of a problem that appeared with some users that canceled their subscription. They accuse Netflix that their accounts were reactivated without them doing that after they have canceled everything.

BBC Radio 4 started an investigation about these activities and found out that hackers are behind it. Some users’ accounts had been hacked, and they have a switch on the service for Netflix. This was possible because the users had the bank account details saved.

Netflix, Hackers, and Angry Users

We have an example of this issue from a user from Oxford. Emily Keen canceled her subscription in April, but in September, she was charged with £11.99, representing the Netflix fee for a month.

When she tried to use the account, she found out that her user accounts, email, and password were changed. Using her email, password, and bank details, the hackers had signed her up for the maximum service.

Regarding this problem, Netflix declared that a refund would go to Ms. Keen, and she should block her card. However, things got worse. The woman was charged again for two months, and the refund came partially.

According to Netflix, all users that canceled their subscription should log off from any device they used for Netflix. If you don’t sign out from your account after you cancel the subscription, all the activities on your account will keep the account open.

Many Users Complained To Netflix

However, Ms. Keen is not the only one with a Netflix account hacked. Another user complained that even after he deactivated his account, the hackers reactivated it and used his credit card. The people behind this problem are hacking the accounts and selling the details on eBay. Hackers are selling users’ subscriptions on eBay with £3.

Finally, the people who got hacked are also the ones using the same password for all their accounts, which improves the risks. Netflix declared that the company is using all the methods they have to protect each user. Notifications are sent to them if something suspicious is going on with the account.