Netflix Promised The Release Of Castlevania Season 4

Netflix is promising to release the fourth season of Castlevania, while game developers announce the release of The Mary Skelter Finale.

Castlevania is an anime series on Netflix, whose plot has its inspiration in the classic videogame launched by Konami. The release of the fourth season on Netflix has already been announced yesterday by the team on their official Twitter account.

Until now, no specific release date was announced, but it is understandable since the announcement was published three months later from the release of the third season. The show is proud to have an 8.2 score on IMDb being highly appreciated by anime lovers.

The narrative row of the series finds Trevor Belmont, Belmont dynasty’s last descendant, following and hunting vampires. At first, he seems to be lucky during his fights, after being encouraged by friends, he starts being more professional. That can be seen clearly when he fought against Dracula’s range when priests killed his wife.

Castlevania Season 4 to Come to Netflix and the launch of the Mary Skelter Finale on PS4

Castlevania is a show that involves a wide variety of demons, gore, swearing, and sex, where the accent lays on character development, and watchers get to see the evolution of Alucard, Trevor, Dracula, and many others.

Compile Heart released the trailer of the upcoming game Dengeki, and its primary focus is to picture the heroes of the game. Besides the heroes presented earlier, the set includes other characters from the previous series, as well as new ones.

The game can be played by those who have not managed to try the series yet since the plots are not depending on each other.

The Mary Skelter Finale’s release available on PS4 is scheduled for 27 August 2020 in Japan. Its developers are planning on a limited edition package that will include all the songs from the soundtrack, a special box, a waterproof poster, and an artbook. In the case of a pre-order, the special gift will consist of a unique package and two more mini-posters.