Netflix Party: Fight The Social Distancing By Watching Movies With Your Friends

netflix party

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, we are forced to stay behind the safety of the walls of our home. Being on lockdown is not that fun all the time, but the internet saves us. With the help of the internet connection, we can chat with our family, friends, or coworkers. The worst part of quarantine is working from home. When it comes to rest, to do something relaxing like watching YouTube or Netflix while everyone does the same thing, the internet speed comes in handy. Netflix Party is also helpful

However, since most of the people are at home all the time, the internet speed tends to lower more and more. The speed of the internet is not so fast as it used to be before the quarantine. Countless video conferencing and fulfilling your tasks is not all that easy. Some students also may have online classes.

Netflix during quarantine

But, due to the social distancing, we can no longer watch a movie with ou dear friends. But do not worry a bit as we have come up with a solution. The quarantine can still be fun as long as you can do things together with your friends, even if you are far away from each other. This article will present you with some useful tools to watch video content with your friends or relatives across multiple displays all at the same time.

There is a Google Chrome browser extension available just right for this activity called Netflix Party. Connecting with your long-distance friends from the comfy of your home is now easy. Watch the same movie with your friends without breaking the safety rules.

What does Netflix Party do?

With the help of Google Chrome, you can now the playback of Netflix content via Netflix Party. That means that you can spend quality time with your friends or long-distance relatives. All users have to install the Netflix Party app on their device in order for this activity to work.

People will connect their own devices with the help of a shared link. By accessing the link, you will join the so-called living room. Netflix Party app also has a chat room where you can have conversations with your friends and comment about the movie or TV series while watching it.

However, this cool app is available on Chrome browsers only. It works only on PCs and laptops.
There is also a limit of people that watch the same content simultaneously. Only four people can do that. Netflix Party developers are currently working on upgrading the app to feature audio, video, and emojis in the in-built chat room. You can use this cool app on the Google browser for €5 per month. A penny for this great idea.

Only the person who is ousting the Party can have full control over the playback options. That means that the host can pause, play, rewind, etc. the shared video and also chooses who to invite in the living room. The man of the “Party” needs to make sure everyone is happy.

How to use Netflix Party?

  • Install the extension.
  • Access your Netflix account.
  • Select a movie or TV show (NOTE: the extension will only activate the moment playback begins).
  • Press the “NP” button on the extension.
  • Select whether you want to be the only one to control playback or not.
  • Click on “Start Party.”
  • Copy the link and send it to your other friends to start a Netflix Party.