Netflix Is Already Preparing for Locke and Key Season 2

Locke and Key is a new show on Netflix, produce by the streaming service, and it is premiering Season 1. The show had been through a lot of changes and delays over the years. Starting from Fox until now, the show was canceled, adapt, and readapt by each company. But when Netflix is taking a show, it is doing a great job, it invests in it, and the best results are coming from the users’ feedback.

If you haven’t heard about Locke and Key, the show is inspired by the comic book series by Joe Hill, with illustrations by Gabriel Rodriguez. The story presents three siblings who are losing their father in a suspicious murder.

They have to return to their ancestral home and in a house full of secrets and magic keys. In a way or another, the keys will connect the three children with the death of their father. Also, the siblings are discovering the keys and secrets, but somebody else knows about them and wants those keys.

Netflix works on the Locke and Key Season 2

You will find the story exciting and fascinating, especially when the children have to confront a demon that wants the keys. But until the show arrived on Netflix, the whole process was long and hard. The first company that wanted to release Locke and Keys was Fox in 2011. Fox received a pilot and remained that way.

After that, Universal announced a trilogy a few years after, and the same, nothing happened. The years pass and in 2017, Hulu wanted to turn the script into a TV show. The pilot was done and remained in that phase.

Finally, thanks to Netflix, who took the reins in 2018, reshot everything that was out until now, the show is taking on at least. We will see Locke and Keys on Netflix starting with February 7, 2020. About the Season 2 of the show, Carlton Cuse, who is the executive producer of the show, is saying that the second season is in the writing process, and everything is done in collaboration with Joe Hill.