Netflix Has Halted Original Productions Due To The Coronavirus Outbreak

Netflix has announced that they will suspend the production of their TV shows and movies in the US and Canada for at least two weeks from now. The service has decided to halt the production due to the coronavirus outbreak. NBCUniversal has also suspended the production of the other 25 of its shows, and Disney has done it, too.

Disney has announced that, at least for now, all production is on hold. The only movies and releases that are still in production are Marvel’s Black Widow movie and DC’s upcoming Wonder Woman: 1984.

It’s about the entire entertainment industry that’s affected by the coronavirus

Release dates and productions are not the only ones that are put on hold right now, because the whole entertainment industry is on the verge of being shut down. It all started with the NBA and every major sports league from the NHL.

Pro Golf has also delayed their schedules, and New York City’s Broadway theaters have also shut down. E3 and South by Southwest were also canceled. Fans are disappointed, and they hope that the entire situation will come to an end soon, as we all do.

John Koblin from The New York Times has revealed that the production status from Netflix will affect many shows, including Stranger Things, Sex/Life, and Grace and Frankie, as well as many other movies which were bound to be released soon.

Netflix halted its original production due to coronavirus

Netflix will release a complete list of all the shows that halted. The oversees shows will also probably be put on hold, due to the coronavirus outbreak in Europe. The Witcher’s second season is filmed in the UK, as well as in other locations in Europe. There is no announcement so far from overseas, but they will probably do something soon.