Netflix Announced the Sex Education Season 3

If you haven’t heard about it yet or didn’t watch it by now, Sex Education is a Netflix production with teenagers on their puberty. The show is quite popular on the video streaming platform right now, and the second season just launched a few weeks ago. Because of the massive appreciation from the public, social media, and critics, Netflix is launching the trailer of season three of Sex Education. Here’s what you need to know.

Yesterday was the day when Netflix officially announced the development of the third season from Sex Education. The platform even posted a trailer from it on their Twitter account. The third season is coming with reconfirmation of two names in the casting department. We are talking about the co-star Aimee Lou Wood (24 years) and Connor Swindells (23 years). The two have played in season one as the lovebirds Aimee Gibbs and Adam Groff. In real life, the two are dating each other. Because of that, fans want to see them together even on screen again.

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Besides this, Sex Education is bringing a bit of confusion to the fans and viewers. The action is taking place in England with the majority of British actors. However, a lot of us are questioning if the show is aiming the Americans of the British population, because of the American vibe that the show has. One of the actors from the show, Gillian Anderson, who plays Jean Millburn, Otis Millburn’s mother, is saying that the show aims both worlds. The British people will notice some American facts that maybe the American people won’t see.

All in all, Sex Education is coming to show a lot of things that teachers are not speaking in schools and the taboo topics that still exist today. The show is covering a lot of sexuality types and problems, such as bisexuality, homosexuality, asexuality, and many more. So, we are looking forward to seeing more about the characters’ lives and struggles in Season 3 of Sex Education.