Need for Speed Heat Receives its Last Update

Criterion Games, the game company responsible for Need for Speed, has just made it public that they will be in charge of the next Need for Speed installment, thus shifting the Need for Speed Heat into low gear. As the current racing game takes the next exit, the final update of Need for Speed Heat is worth looking into. As of Tuesday, June 9th, Need for Speed Heat will allow cross-play between console players and PC players.

In a recent announcement, Criterion has said that they always believed that video games are better when played with friends. That is why they do not want the platform of choice to be a barrier for their Need for Speed experience. The update is going to go live tomorrow, and it will enable players to opt in to cross-play though the “find players” menu in the game. The game company has informed their fanbase that NFS Heat is the first game from Electronic Arts to offer cross-play.

Criterion is also looking forward to the next Need for Speed game. They have explained that, as players continue to race in Palm City, they are listening to feedback from the gamers about what they appreciate about the Need for Speed experience and are constantly trying to improve it. With the information they have from the fanbase, Criterion believes that they can create the most expressive, action-packed, and socially connected Need for Speed game ever.

We are definitely looking forward to the next installment of the Need for Speed series. Many questions are being brought forward, such as the setting of the next game. The series has grown a lot since its beginning and not only from a graphics and mechanics point of view. Criterion’s message seems to indicate that they are trying to reinvent the well-known series. It’s definitely something that keeps us on the edge of our seat.