National Treasure 3 Was Officially Confirmed

The fans of Nicolas Cage will be thrilled to find out that the actor will return in the next National Treasure 3 film. If you missed the actor traveling around America, then you will see him again, finding historical secrets and treasures. We know for sure that the third movie is in the works, but other details we don’t have. The film will be a Disney production.

National Treasure 3 Details

The pre-production of the National Treasure 3 is in the hands of Disney, and the writer is Chris Bremmer, the same writer of Bad Boys for Life’s. If you like Bad Boys as well, know that Bremmer is writing Bad Boys 4 as well. For the production department of the National Treasure 3, the movie is having Jerry Bruckheimer.

However, regarding the actor, Nicolas Cage, we don’t have official confirmation that the star will join the third movie. As we all know, Cage was the one that starred Ben Gates in both films, alongside Diane Kruger, Jon Voight, and Justin Bartha.

Besides this, National Treasure 3 had a few problems following these years. If we think about the two first movies, National Treasure from 2004 and National Treasure: Book of Secrets from 2007, they had gained over $800 million from the entire world. Unfortunately, the path for the third movie wasn’t that easy.

National Treasure 3 Is Happening

The first announcement about the film was in 2010 with an official confirmation from Bruckheimer. However, things didn’t happen as we expected, because after a few years we haven’t heard anything about it.

Finally, we think that after the failure that Disney had with The Lone Ranger and John Carter movies, the company decided to take the shot with the National Treasure 3 for a power-up. We could only hope that Disney will make National Treasure 3 as high as the first two and that we will see Cage in the famous role.