Nassau Officials Discovered A Spike In COVID-19 Cases Since Fall Started

Nassau officials discovered a spike in the number of COVID-19 cases since the fall started.

Laura Curran, a County Executive, stated that, out of the 6,600 people tested on Friday, 107 were positive.

A third of the infected people are college-age people.

According to Curran, over the past week, 111 Nassau residents who are students at outside universities have been tested positive.

Ken Vicino, the father of a SUNY Oneonta student who had to go home to Hicksville after the college had to close its campus, states that his daughter just tested positive.

“They only quarantined the kids for three days, they didn’t test them upon releasing them, they just released them, and now there’s a major outbreak,” he said.

SUNY Oneonta unexpectedly shut down earlier this week because of the COVID-19 outbreak on the campus, where about 500 students tested positive for the virus.

Students were told to stay home for the remainder of the fall semester.

A Worrying Situation

The pandemic situation in the United States isn’t looking too good at the moment.

Unfortunately, many people still don’t understand the risks posed by the virus.

Some sources reported that there were groups of college students that threw massive parties to see who catches the virus first! If that isn’t worrying, nothing is.

The problem is that many such people don’t understand that they aren’t the only ones to suffer if they get infected.

If you get infected, the chances are that you will pass on the virus to people who are close to you (relatives, friends, other people that you frequently interact with). Though your immune system might work aces and you don’t suffer too severely from the virus, other people might not be that lucky, so a bit of empathy and consideration saves lives!