NASA Is Offering Virtual Tours Now

We all know we are dealing with a delicate situation, and we are all confused about the coronavirus pandemic, but NASA is coming to help us. They will give space tours in order to help us to better understand the world from outside our planet. Online visitors will be thrilled.

There are seven virtual tours in total

Back in 2018, NASA has launched its first virtual tour project know as “Go for Flight.” People got the 360-degree access with the help of F/A-18 jets, the thing that allowed digital visitors to see NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center or AFRC.

Before their research projects become alive, people from many groups and organizations contributed in order to make it possible.

The first part of the virtual tour will come with a 360-degree view of the Dale Reed Flight Research Laboratory – “Model Shop.” That’s where NASA gathers flight data in a low-cost environment.

Then, the second part of the tour will take place at the X-57 flight simulator, where pilots practice their missions, and where they gather experience from their training. Then, they’re taking us to a unique national laboratory, Armstrong Flight Loads Laboratory, where they do structural tests in order to support NASA’s flight research.

The next destination is the Dryden Aeronautical Range control room, where they pan the mission.  Then, the last part of the virtual tour will take the audience to NASA’s aircraft ramp, where F/A-18 jets can be seen ready to take-off.

According to NASA, the virtual tour will help in inspiring young students to pursue Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics (STEM) careers. Google Expeditions can take digital visitors to NASA’s control rooms and aircraft hangar, and in the places where flights are prepared. They will also continue to expand their virtual tours.