NASA Astronaut Jessica Meir Took A Stunning Space Selfie

From all the known awards, NASA astronaut Jessica Meir might introduce a new category, “Space-Selfie of the Year.” As seeing is believing, the daring astronaut showed everyone how you could be in trend even at enormous distances away. In case you didn’t know, Jessica Meir was picked by NASA to be an astronaut back in 2013.

About the NASA Astronaut Jessica Meir

She completed her training in July 2015 and began her first journey in October, last year. Meir and her colleague, Christina Koch, started the first all-female spacewalk, a challenging mission, as well, on October 18th.

Moreover, Jessica Meir is also a marine biologist and physiologist. She worked previously at the Harvard Medical School as an Assistant Professor of Anesthesia. She later conducted a postdoctoral study in comparative physiology at the University of British Columbia. Her researches include the behavior of emperor penguins from Antarctica and the physiology of bar-headed genes.

Back in 2002, Meir enrolled as an aquanaut at NASA’s Extreme Environment Mission Operations 4, dubbed NEEMO 4. As for its astronaut duty, she serves as a Flight Engineer for two tasks, Expedition 61, respectively 62.

More significantly, Meir led and supported human space life science experiments that have been done by Space Shuttle’s astronauts and the ISS journeys. Meir’s operations were developed to decide if any bodily manners were modified in the spaceflight missions.

A Space Selfie to Remember

Jessica Meir posted on her Twitter account two pictures of her spacewalk experience from last month. In one of the photos, she utilized one of the solar boards to reflect her image. The Earth can be noticed, too, in the background. As for her second image, it is a selfie of her face, with the visor up. We can see how pleased is she up there. The used camera is placed inside a protective pocket.