Movie Concept Art: Sonic Fighting With Chris Evans

Chris Evans is fighting together with Sonic the Hedgehog in concept art for a movie. Paramount did not receive good reviews after the first trailer of the video game adaptation dropped last year. The hedgehog was not the realistic version – the one we all knew.

The studio delayed the film by three months, and have enough time for Jeff Fowler and his team to redesign the CGI Sonic. The redesign cost about $5 million since that point had not finished most of the film’s effects. In the end, the movie got good reviews and set a new opening record for video game movies that weekend.

Sonic Fighting With Chris Evans

After the success of the movie, people wondered how the project evolved in time, and they went back to the initial design. They found out that Sony has not been the only one to get a makeover. Marx Pan posted concept art for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie – it is one of the pieces published online by the film’s artists. The art shows a scene where Sonic and his human friend, Tom Wachowski, get into a bar fight.

Tom is not James Marsden, the one who plays the character in the movie, but Chris Evans. The movie shows Tom, a sheriff from Green Hills, in Montana, helping Sonic to get back its magic rings from San Francisco, so he can get to another world. Paul Rudd was supposed to play Tom before Paramount cast Marsden. Then, according to a leak, Ben Schwartz was cast as Sonic. The leak also showed other names, like Chris Pratt and Michael B. Jordan, even Chris Evans. We believe the movie was a success, and Marsden was the best choice for the role.