Money Heist Season 4 Rumors — Release Date And Info About The Potential Nairobi’s Death

We’ve all heard of Money Heist and its success. It is the most anticipated show of the year coming on Netflix. We have even heard that the next season, the fourth one will have a bigger budget than the others. We think we will see the return of the fantastic show in no time.

We will get to see what is happening after the events of the third season. Do you remember that cliffhanger? There are so many rumors out there, and it has been said that El Professor will actually go crazy when Lisbon dies. Of course, all of these are rumors, so we need to take them with a pinch of salt.

Money Heist Season 4 Rumors — Release Date And Info About The Potential Nairobi’s Death

We have seen that, in season 3, the gang lost, and the authorities started attacking them. Some of the gang members were injured or even killed – Nairobi was shot, and we are waiting to see if she is going to die. Lisbon’s fate is also hanging by a thread.

The video teaser for the fourth season showed the actress – Alba Flores – with the rest of the cast, indicating that it might be alive. We’ve also heard that she would be here only for a few episodes because she will die afterward.

Lisbon was also in danger. We are expecting her to meet her end, and El Professor will probably go crazy and declare war on authorities – as we’ve seen him do for Rio. Netflix has set a date: the 3rd of April, 2020 for the Money Heist Season 4. All the episodes will be released together, so be ready to binge the next season.

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