Modern Family Season 12 – Details, Release Date, And More

modern family

Modern Family is expected to resume itself by a lot of fans since Season 11 has ended on April 8. Season 12 is extremely demanded by some people, and there’s a lot of concern that it may not come at all.

Furthermore, the TV show has officially ended, but we have plenty of reasons to hope for a twelfth season to start soon. Some fans cannot bear the idea that their favorite show is over.

Ratings are constantly dropping

Although Modern Family has some hardcore fans, the show achieved a significant decrease in popularity during its recent history. The last season had only a 0.98 average rating and 4.11 million average viewers.

Therefore, ABC decided to end the series because of the bad ratings, and realistically speaking, there are low chances that we’ll ever get to witness a Season 12 for the TV show. However, hope dies last.

About the Modern Family TV show

As Wikipedia puts it, Modern Family is a television mockumentary family sitcom created by Steven Levitan and Christopher Lloyd for the American Broadcasting Company. The show ran for eleven seasons, from September 2009 until April 2020, and it presents the lives of Jay Pritchett and his family, as they live in suburban Los Angeles.

The series addresses the social norms and culture from 2010 and further beyond. Pritchett’s family includes his second wife, their boy, and his stepson. There are also two adult children and their husbands and children.

Judging only by that large number of episodes the Modern Family show had until now, 250 pieces, it would be too bad not to continue the adventures of Pritchett and his family. Season 12 might come out one day, and we expect it to happen until the end of 2020.

We shouldn’t trust any rumor we hear or see online when it comes to news about the hypothetical Season 12 for Modern Family. The show is a nice comedy for those who want to see some of the trends and activities of the modern family from the 2010s.