MIUI 12 Got Leaked and Features Have Been Unveiled

Xiaomi launched its newest custom ROM, dubbed MIUI 11 back in 2019. Since its release, the company has tried to keep users content by updating its devices to run smoothly. The latest smartphones were released with the MIUI 11 out-of-the-box. The custom operating system was updated a lot lately, and newer features are now available. Some of them include enhanced visuals and an Always-On-Display function. However, MIUI 11 is not in our attention now. A possible successor of the operating system might be under development, thanks to the latest leaks. MIUI 12 could be the next-gen of Xiaomi’s custom skins, even if we don’t have official confirmation yet. Most significantly, the custom ROM is rumored to be released sometime later this year.

MIUI 12’s Features Unveiled

The MIUI 12 has been accidentally leaked on the MI Community forum. Xiaomi has a way with its beta versions when it comes to releasing them. But, recently, the company published the Mi Settings app and the APK, too. XDA Developers analyzed them and unveiled some essential details. They appear to be far more different than other previous iterations of the app.

A screenshot of MIUI 12 displays a revised Refresh Rate Settings under Display. Such a thing will allow new power consumption details and new animations for various refresh rates. Other features include Focus Mode and individual app usage. The Focus Mode will be introduced as a new tab in the Screen time adjustments, while the other function is said to get a cleaner UI.

What We Should Expect

The whole concept of the MIUI 12 UI seems smoother than its predecessor. According to the screenshot, the operating system is in its first stages of development. As for its launch date, a post on the MIUI Community’s China Chapter hints at a summer release.