Minecraft Plus Mathematics Equals Matheminecraft, A New Educational Game

Minecraft was released back in 2011, receiving great reviews for its gameplay experience. Users are allowed to build almost anything, ranging from a home environment to complex calculators. The only raw materials they have are cubes and fluids. The game is the basis for Matheminecraft, an educational game designed to teach children mathematics.

The birth of Matheminecraft from Minecraft

Minecraft caught the attention of the mathematician David Strutt who declared that it was during his university years that he discovered Minecraft, and he fell in love with the infinite possibilities that it offered. This is why Strutt has decided to create his own game called Matheminecraft. The new game proposes a math video game for the players.

The game was already published and can be accessed for free. It proposes four levels, and it even features a tutorial, including the critical rules of the storyline. The project was specially designed for the Maths Outreach team to be displayed at the EPFL Open Days. The event took place in September 2019 and received an impressive success.

Therefore, the group decided to propose the game to the classes of the region, during a period of four weeks. Thirty-six classes of children aged between 8 and 10 years visited EPFL and played Matheminecraft.

The Matheminecraft 2.0 would come out soon

Strutt declared that Minecraft is probably this generation’s LEGO. This is why kids are especially thrilled by playing Minecraft, without realizing that there are several extra quests to complete. The story of Matheminecraft continues, and the team is currently developing a series of additional levels. The level will be released in 2020 and 2021.

In addition to that, the gaming team is preparing a second game called Matheminecraft 2.0 which will feature Eulerian trails, where the gamer will be able to choose his starting point of the journey,
Strutt concluded that this project is essential for him since it combines both his passions: mathematics and gaming. Thankfully, he managed to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a game developer, alongside his mathematician dream developed during his teen years.