Midas Returns To Fortnite In The Fortnitemares Halloween Event

Fortnite has been on a roll in recent months, despite the growing rift between Epic Games and Apple. The latest patch of for the games comes with some much-needed trimming for the PC version, which is now lighter by 60GB.

The yearly Fortnitemares even has returned in a new form, as the zombies of the past have been replaced with angry Shadows who are willing to help Midas. Called Midas’s Revenge, the event comes with lots of changes to the map and gameplay experience.

Veil of shadows

A veil of shadows has come over the island, with the sky being a dark purple and a persistent fog giving the opportunity to ambush both regular players or Shadows. Keep an eye open as players and Shadows will also seek to ambush you for a fast kill.

Midas picked The Authority as the perfect spot for his new headquarters. The area has been converted into The Ruins, and players who venture around the place can run into Midas and his Ghost Henchmen, who are more than willing you blast you off the premises with Pumpkin-powered rocket launchers.

Become a Shadow

Players who manage to vanquish Ghost Henchmen will be able to collect Pumkin Launchers, which are great for ambushing other players. Witch Shacks have also surfaced around the map, and players can look through nearby barrles to find Witch’s Brooms, which offer the option to fly around the map in style.

Once a player is killed they return to the map as a Shadow. Shadows come with four handy abilities, including a strong melee combo, a phase ability that allows them to go through obstacles, and an improved jump. It is easy to regenerate health by consuming items, but players will be able to loot them if they kill the Shadow.

The event will be available until November 3.