Microsoft Surface Duo Teardown – Is This The Perfect Hinge?

iFixit has dismantled a Microsoft Surface Duo, giving us an advanced look at what’s hiding inside the dual-screen device.


One of the most notable findings on the Duo is the “refreshingly simple hinge design,” compared to what you’d find on a regular foldable device of today.

According to iFixit, it’s a lot like a “miniature 360-degree laptop hinge.”

To put it simply, the Duo has two screens. In contrast, the likes of the Motorola Razr and Samsung Galaxy Fold have actually foldable displays that likely require a more complicated hinge design.

The dismantling team has also noticed that one of the two batteries is about twice the other’s size, but Microsoft made it very hard to replace them by adding lots of screws and glue.

Unfortunately, the bad news doesn’t stop there, as the team discovered that most parts are hard to replace, apart from the displays and rear glass covers.

You can read iFixit’s complete teardown if you are still uncertain whether Microsoft’s $1,400 device is worth your money or not.

As previously mentioned, it is the best dual-screen device available, but buggy software is still dragging its performance down.

iFixit spoke about the problem, revealing that they encountered crashes and flickering screens when they tried to load web pages on the device.

We were very excited about the teardown of the Microsoft Surface Duo. It’s always interesting to learn what is going on inside of a mobile device and how the manufacturer put it together.

However, one sad aspect was also present – It’s getting harder and harder to replace the parts of modern electronics.