Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain Rugged Wagon Rumors

The C-Class for the acclaimed German manufacturer represents a fine line of compact executive cars. It was presented to the world for the first time in 1993 as what it seems, a replacement for the W201 type. Manufacturers draw the C-Class as a sedan and a station wagon until they came with a change in 2000. They launched an unexpected, yet ambitious C-Class as a fastback coupe or SportCoupe.

Recently, according to Autocar reports, the German manufacturer from the Daimler company has something else in mind. The published report offers us an insight into the future of the C-Class All-Terrain. A version which will be presented as a more affordable alternative, one that will have Audi A4 Allroad and Volvo V60 Cross Country as rivals.

The new C-Class will display a 4Matic all-wheel-drive technology; also the car is expected to have an excellent ground clearance and a little bit more of a rough appearance.

The manufacturers will develop this idea of a more rugged style by using extra plastic body cladding, front and rear skid plates, many other off-road-themed elements, and extreme chunkier tires.

The Air Body Control Technology fuels some intriguing details. As we may know, the custom C-Class Estate possesses already an air suspension, and the new All-Terrain is set to receive something similar called Air Body Control. The system is an excellent solution for all the bumpy roads we might encounter. Also, there will be three variations of this system which will highly enjoy. The three of them are levels for the air suspension that it will let you activate a ground clearance starting from 121 to 156 millimeters.

Considering the recent changes in the SUV market, people tend to prefer them more. Maybe we should expect a C-Class All-Terrain over a GLC. The next Mercedes is expected to be unveiled somewhere soon, in 2020, and then we can expect as well a 2021 launch.