Massive Asteroid Could Bring The Armageddon Within Decades, Scientists Warn

Lately, many news about space rocks that might terminate the life on Earth has emerged on the Internet. Now, however, the report comes directly from scientists that warned us about the massive asteroid 2019 SU3 that could bring the Armageddon within several decades.

Massive Asteroid Could Bring The Armageddon Within Decades

The newly found 2019 SU3 appeared on the European Space Agency risk list earlier this week. According to ESA’s astronomers, 2019 SU3 will pass close to Earth in 2084, but it might also change its trajectory and collide with our planet at that moment.

2019 SU3 is a massive asteroid that might destroy life on Earth if it were to impact our world. Hopefully, until then, NASA and ESA would come up with some effective planetary defensive methods to tackle any possible danger caused by space rocks such as 2019 SU3.

In several decades, 2019 SU3 will whizz by Earth at about 9,700 kilometers, a distance that looks safe on paper, but which can mean the End of Days, whatsoever. The Moon, for instance, orbits around our planet at 383,000 kilometers.

What Can Space Agencies Do To Protect The Earth?

At the moment, we don’t have any planetary defense systems up and ready for protecting our world against any massive asteroid that would come our way. But NASA and ESA are hard at work to establish some solutions to tackle such a threat.

For example, NASA plans to send a probe to the binary asteroid system Didymos to study a defensive method based on changing the trajectory of such a space rock. Later on, ESA will send a mission to Didymos, too, to measure the effects of NASA’s probe.

But, at the moment, we cannot defend Earth from a massive asteroid that is hurtling towards us, such as 2019 SU3. Let’s hope that until the 2080s, NASA and ESA would have a solution to fight the Armageddon caused by asteroids.