Marvel Universe Plans Its Most Ambitious Release Ever

Heads up Marvel fans, because Marvel Comics has revealed a picture that is teasing their new project called The Most Ambitious Series Ever! The teaser image contains an exciting mix with the classic heroes and the new ones. In the picture, you will see Spider-Man, Human Torch, Captain America, Iron Man, and even the Punisher and Storm. Also, part of the team for the next project includes names like Alex Ross, Kurt Busiek, and Yildiray Cinar.

A New Project from Marvel

What is interesting is the fact that one of the Golden Age Vision characters is included as well; we are talking about Arrkus. Many fans know him from the older books. Besides this, we will also see Aero and a mystery character of whom we don’t know anything about. His costume is yellow and black and has wings.

However, do not worry because we will find out more next week. Marvel is promising that all the details we need and want to know will appear on Besides this, the company is promising the release of the book somewhere in May. The story of the book started last year when Busiek and Ross had only 16-page of it. They return to the world of Marvels with Phil Sheldon alongside his family. They are witnesses of the Sentinel’s attack.

The Most Ambitious Plan Of Marvel Universe

All in all, this is not the first time we see a returning trip into the Marvel’s word and changing it a little bit. One of the best examples is Marvels: Eye of the Camera, which appeared in 2018. The idea with Phil is to make him an observer and not a participant. He will also narrate the story from his point of view. The team is trying to return to the classic idea of a narration done by someone who didn’t participate in the action but knew the characters.