Maelstrom: The Free-to-Play Battle Royale Gets a New Update

Maelstrom, the high-seas battle royale, isn’t just the most detailed naval combat game you will ever find, but it is engaging, fun, and fast-paced, so the details of naval combat are sure not to bore you. In a 2018 preview of the game’s Early Access release, Malestrom’s main issue was identified. At the moment, the game did not have too big of a fanbase, so queues for games were annoyingly long.

The long queues should no longer be a problem. The game just became free-to-play in the fall of 2019, and it now has a brand new PvE mode that makes players, either by themselves or in groups, face a number of completely randomized challenges, such as running a gauntlet through a series of islands and canyons (in the aptly named game mode “Gauntlet”) to sinking some enemy ships, which are controlled by AI. Every challenge is designed to be engaging, having both primary and secondary goals. These are actually quite tough, as completing a primary challenge with just the base ship is not an easy task.

A brand new update that just came out today is supposed to make the game a little easier. Gold drops will be more plentiful and nearer throughout, while higher difficulties will even contain reward chests, so your ships will be easier to upgrade and to outfit. The Merchant Escort mission, well known for its high difficulty, will become a little less punishing in this new update. Players are now encouraged to find a team to pair up with, as playing parties can now be made public. In addition to these fine-tuning details, the new update also comes with some bug fixes and minor tweaks. For example, the number of items that can be given to Captains as a gift now has an upper limit to avoid a bug where giving too many gifts will cause the game to crash.