Madden 21 Closed Beta Reveal Exciting Gameplay and New Abilities

Over the last few weeks, the gaming community has received surprise after surprise. We have gotten plenty of reveals regarding the content of the upcoming Madden 21, even an amazing Closed Beta period that essentially gives a lucky few access to the actual game. Not long after that, we are going to get an update from Gridiron Notes on the aforementioned Closed Beta. Together with that update, we will get some feedback regarding the future that is in stock for Madden 21.

Closed Beta

For now, there have been no reactions to the Closed Beta of Madden 21 posted on YouTube, at least since the beta came to a close. So far, we have not even gotten any official work regarding the feedback for the game. The next set of Gridiron Notes, however, will have EA present us some feedback for this very beta, and even a possible update regarding the changes that the game studio has made as a result of the feedback that the gaming community has given.


What we do know about Madden 21, however, is that there are some interesting features that might make their way to Madden 21. There is one rumor that has already made rounds throughout the gaming community. It would seem that Lamar Jackson has his very own X-Factor ability, preventing fumbling while it is active.


There are also some alleged leaks that have been made regarding Madden 21. On Reddit, some of the abilities that were available during the beta were posted. Some of the most interesting ones, the ones that could be used during the X-Factor, include one called Film Study, which shows offensive plays that are made after repeated calls, allowing tricky defenders to get through cheesy techniques. Another interesting one is the Dashing Deadeye, which enables perfect pass accuracies up to 40 yards while running. Another one worth mentioning is Pro Reads, which highlights the first open target and outright ignores any pressure there might be.